Shutters Nelspruit

Take a different approach to your Home with Shutters.

Apart from having the ability to make a room come alive, Shutters can also prove to be useful under the South African sun. By closing the panel doors and louvres, but keeping the windows open, unwanted heat will be blocked out, while air will still be able to circulate freely and keep your home cool during the summer days.

Dust does not collect on shutters in the same manner it does on Blinds and Fabric Curtains, which makes this a very low maintenance product. Available in Wood and Polyresin, interior shutters will retain their timeless appeal with an occasional wipe down.

Security Shutters

Take a different approach to the Safety of your home with Security Shutters.

Able to deliver in style and protection, Security Shutters are manufactured from aluminium and have adjustable louvres with reinforced steel rods running through the core of each louvre that extends into the aluminium stiles. The shutters consist of a patented key-locking system with stainless steel bolts that lock up and down, which makes them very secure.

Security Shutters are sure to add a touch of elegance to your home, as well as providing you with great light and visibitly control and insulation.