Back to Basics in Retro Style

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Hexagonal TilesDeco Hex Basic - Hexagonal Tiles by Decobella

The latest tile trends are moving into a direction of vintage style, and with it Hexagonal Tiles are making a huge return. Bringing back happy days of sipping juice in granny’s kitchen, while remaining modern with clean colours and lines.

Decobella is going back to basics with their exciting new Deco Hex Basic range! The plain white, grey, black, blue and red hexagonal tiles are fun new editions to the existing Deco Hex range which will certainly spark up your creativity and longing of home in an instant.

Because of the plain colours and non-glossiness, the tiles are easy to implement into any room and will compliment any décor – existing or new. Mixing beautiful soft colours and elegant patterns your rooms will be in for a treat.

The Deco Hex Basic range is so easy on the eye that it will leave you with a feeling of tranquillity every time you look at it and to add onto the excitement, the Deco Hex Basic tile range can easily be used with other Deco Hex tiles.

That is the magic of Deco Hex Basic tiles. The possibilities are near endless when it comes to crafting that perfect tiled wall or floor. The beautiful light blue, red, grey and white Deco Hex Tile can be taken away from its calm appearance and sassed up with a decorative hex tile such as the new Deco Hex Aster which also joined the Deco Hex range recently.

The Deco Hex Aster’s subtle patterns will create a gentle flow in your home without the feeling of overcrowding which also makes it a great choice for first time tile buyers who are scared to get caught up in the beauty of patterns that will end up with a collage of uneven and unmatched overdone designs.

So go on and visit the Deco Hex Basic and Deco Hex Aster Range by Decobella and feel inspired.