The Home Office Carpet Collection

Home Office Carpets Nelspruit

Comfort & Focus

Life and work have never been more blended. Browse our featured Supplier Belgotex for their Home Office carpet collection to find a carpet that helps you focus on getting things done. With their robustness and sound absorption characteristics, the products in this collection of Carpets were selected to create a space that promotes focus without compromising on comfort or style.

Home Office Carpets Nelspruit

Essex / Broadloom

Essex is an exceptionally versatile contract product that brings both style and durability to any project. Manufactured from tightly tufted Stainproof Miracle Fibre (Polypropylene), Essex is extremely easy to clean and maintain.
Home Office Carpets Nelspruit

Westminster / Broadloom

Cognisant of others and exploring varying points of view, our heightened product experience evokes an emotional reaction, putting people at the heart of the range. Fusion premium looks with luxurious softness, Westminster is a range that understands where you’re coming from.
Home Office Carpets Nelspruit

Cast – Stripped / Broadloom

A design characterised by the rugged natural appearance of cement.
Home Office Carpets Nelspruit

Cast – Exposed / Broadloom

A design characterised by the smooth industrial finish of solid cast concrete.
Home Office Carpets Nelspruit

Co-Exist / Broadloom

Hard-wearing and practical, Belgotex’s textured loop pile carpet allows for different décor trends, mismatched furniture and items you’ve curated over time to live together in harmony.

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